For Participation:

  • Every participant must read and sign a Release of Liability/ Waiver of Claims/ Assumption of Risk/Indemnity Agreement. Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed release by a parent or guardian.

  • Appropriate shoeware required: closed toed, with traction, that you would not mind getting muddy.

  • YZA is designed for use by participants of average mobility and strength, and who are in reasonably good health.

  • Participants should weigh between 85 and 200 pounds. For gentlemen who can handle their own weight we can allow up to 230 pounds.

  • The minimum age is 10 years old. Children between the ages of 10-18 must be accompanied by an adult (over 21), but must be able to participate independently of the adult. Participants  must be able to pull themselves along the zip-line in the event that they  loose momentum before reaching any given landing platform. During the tour there is a 0.5 mile hike on an unpaved trail at an incline of about 20%. Each participant must be able to complete this walk.

  • Pregnant women, people with heart, leg, shoulder or back problems, or other serious illnesses will not allowed to participate in the adventure. For safety reasons, we cannot allow participants  with problems or disabilities associated to arms and legs.

  • No one under influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs, will be allowed to participate in the adventure.

  • Furthermore we cannot allow people with serious physical or mental disorders that would not allow the completion of the physical and mental tasks asked throughout the tour.

  • To provide good service we  prepare in advance for our tours; for that reason we appreciate your commitment when you reserve your spaces. As you trust in YZA , we count on your word to honor your reservation.

Yunke Zipline Adventure reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation for medical, safety, or any other reasons


 Prior Reservations: 


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