Join us for a unique experience in the lush and beautiful Luquillo Mountains’ foothills. YUNKE ZIPLINE ADVENTURE (YZA) is located just North of the Caribbean National Rainforest  (aka El Yunque for locals) , on a hillside at about 450ft. above sea level. Our site  is in private lands which consist of a mix of planted to densely forested soils geologically part of the Sierra de Luquillo. YZA has been proudly operating since 2009 and is a wholly local enterprise which offers you the opportunity to enjoy SAFE, FUN, and SCENIC zip-lines in a beautiful forested area home  to many native species of plants and animals.

Our adventure consists of an interpretive hike, 5 zip-lines and 1 rappel (rope descent).

Morning Session: 9:00 AM

Afternoon Session: 2:00 PM


After registering, visitors receive an introductory training in order to become acquainted with the equipment involved and the activities to be undertaken. The adventure starts off with three scenic zip-lines which range in length from 500 to 800ft. These are nice long zip-lines which give you great views, and the opportunity to play around and try some tricks! The third zip-line takes us to the edge of the forest, where we will hike for 15-20 minutes to reach the next zip-line. The hike, although mostly uphill and at times muddy and slippery, will appeal to your senses and is really an integral part of the experience. You will have a chance to enjoy exuberant plant life and diverse wildlife, while at the same time receiving some interesting information regarding natural history and culture. Inside the forest we do our fourth zip-line. At 250ft. in length this is the shortest line of the tour, however do not be fooled! Its steep drop and speed make up for a really fun ride between the trees! We leave the forest by means of our last and longest zip-line. You will love the ride, the view, and the exposure!  We are convinced this is one of the most fun and beautiful ziplines in the island. Its 900ft of cable stretch from a huge mango tree, out of the forest, through a great open area over a ravine, and into a tree platform located high up on a West Indian Locust Tree. This platform offers a truly amazing view of parts of the Mameyes River drainage and the Luquillo Mountains, such as El Yunque and Pico del Este. The great finale is a belayed 50ft. rappel from the tree platform down to the ground. No previous experience is required for this rappel since it is assisted; you just need to follow instructions while we set up, and enjoy your descent as we lower you to the ground. Visitors proficient in rappelling who wish to self rappel  please talk to the lead guide in advance.


 Prior Reservations Required

Please Call 1-787-242-3368

 For Information and Reservations

If not in a hurry and you have particular requests, or need to contact the owner, please e- mail: